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As we all knows that everyone want to hear some good words when he/she wakeup at morning. for this we use good morning quotes in English or hindi these quotes gives us pleasure. In future if you want to spray happiness among people or want to surprise some one with your amazing quotes here are some best morning quotes in English are available. for you and your loving. So this page only for you my dear visitors . we are always updated this for you here with daily new English quotes for good morning wishes . you can also find here hindi quotes , these English quotes also available in Haryanvi. hope you likeing them. if have any suggestion about English quoits please comment us with your name. we will publish your quotes on our page with your name. thankyou.

Best English Quotes For Whatsapp | Status | Instagram | Facebook

Best English Quotes:-

When the God gives punishment
Then witnesses will not need…

Only knowledge is such an element
Which  never leave you alon in any situation or stage

No numbers are found in the test of life
If people give you a place in the heart, then understand
You are passed 

Only one can succeed by talent
But if courtesy and Sense are together
The peak is touched!

When you are alone
Handle your ideas ….
And when you are with all
Then handle your words…

* Have a nice day *
There is no morning for those who
Has give up hope of getting anything.
morning belongs to those who hope to
get something even after losing it again and again. 

Love said to death everyone wants me
And  hate you ?
Death said you are a trick and i am a truth
And the truth is always bitter!

There can be evil in life.
But life can never be bad
Life is an opportunity to be perfect,
To do best, to get the best. 

Happiness is like morning
Get on waking up not asking for it! 

It finish, everything on its time ..
It’s just behavior and attachment 
Which never gets old! 

Knowledge can be obtained in three ways –
With contemplation, which is the best.
with following,Which is easier 
From experience, which is bitter to all.

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