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Rain/Mansoon SMS

1.The Taste Of Oranges
The Walk In Frost

The Golden Sunlight
The Beauty Of Autumn Colors

The Magic Of Wet Red Leaves
"Happy first rain of Summer"

2.If I could pull down the rainbow
I would write UR name with it &
put it back in the sky
2 let everybody know
how colorful my life is with a friend like U!!

3.How can U tell the rain not 2 fall
when clouds exist?

How can U tell the leaves not 2 fall
when wind exist?

How can U tell me not 2 fall in friendship
when U exist.

4.Rain rain go away ,
come again another day

i sung this poem yesterday
that's y rain come today

5.The rain makes all things beautiful,
The grass & flowers too,
If rain makes all things beautiful,
Why doesn't it rain on you?

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